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Member Shout Outs

Is there a WIN member who gave you a referral? Provided you with exceptional service? Helped you in your business in some way? Share a "shout out" to a WIN member

September 2019

Michelle Sass to Mary Ann Cordiano, CMIT Solutions - "Last month's meeting talk was so helpful in that it saved me from my computer from being hacked the very morning. She also did a 'dark web' search on my website which was helpful."

Jodi Turk to WIN Cleveland, "You ladies are all so wonderful. I appreciate each and everyone who texted me, called me, came to the funeral. I love and thank you all."

Elaine Connelly to Emily Smayda-Kelly, Kelly Consulting - "Kudos to Emily for her legal expertise and down to earth professional advice. She is very timely and responsive to a client's needs and wants."

Christine Spiroch to Rosie George, Edward Jones - "Informed me about WIN."

Jody Turk to Denise Slomovitz, Fashion Flare - " I recently dropped a lot of weight and she helped me get new, professional, updated clothes."

Christine Spiroch to Elaine Connelly, "She helped me clarify my goals."

Denise Slomovitz to Jody Turk, Since Jody is losing weight, I had the pleasure of helping her build a new wardrobe."


Elaine Connelly to Linda Ford, Linda's Lenses - "I've received many compliments on my head-shots. Thank you."

Elaine Connelly to Barbara Daniel, Cleveland Women's Journal - "Excellent publisher and professionalism."

Jodi Turk to Sandra Graubard, Spiral Studio - "Thank you so much for using PowerMax and for doing the beautiful shout out cards."

Emily Smayda Kelly to Amy Simon, Omnitrition - "Battling extreme sinuses and lost my voice, she provided products with vitamins and I instantly felt better." 

Susan Warshay to Elaine Connelly, Wealth & Wellness Journey - " Thanks for suggesting magnetic name tags."

Susan Warshay to Linda Ford, Linda's Lenses - "Came to my team meeting to do headshots."

Amy Simon to Yana Solomonik, Reliance First Capitol - "There is no better to help you complete anything whether it be a mortgage, refinance, etc. I call her a little spitfire, she gets it done!"

Barbara Daniel to Elaine Connelly, Wealth & Wellness Journey -  "Six time advertising commitment."

Amy Simon to Jodi Turk, Powermax - "I needed my tile cleaned in my home. I bought the home thinking the tiles were supposed to be smokey!! Well they are now white and gorgeous!

Yana Solomonik to Amy Simon, Omnitrition - "I was struggling with weight loss for years . With the Omni Drop program I have lost 35 pounds and feel amazing."

From Jodi Turk to Amy Simon, Omnitrition  -"Thank you so much for using us. And thank you for helping my business with a problem for years."

From Jodi Turk to Michelle Ryb, Buy Rite - "She not only gave me 3 referrals but she helped me solve a problem in my business for 4 years."

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